Binks, Timerzyanov Suffer Crashes In Sunday Jump Practice

Image via Rhys Millen Racing Facebook

Yesterday, 13 drivers tested their cars in preparation for Tuesday’s Global Rallycross Championship season finale at the SEMA Show, taking jump practice and turning laps around the 0.6-mile, purpose-built circuit in a Las Vegas Convention Center parking lot. The majority of drivers managed to bring back their cars in one piece, but for a pair of Olsbergs MSE drivers, the situation was a bit less positive.

In his GRC debut, Timur Timerzyanov, replacing Marcus Gronholm in the No. 3 Best Buy Mobile Ford Fiesta, took the dirt jump a bit too hard in practice. The European Rallycross champion, who doesn’t face jumps on the ERC schedule, overshot the optimum landing area and put his front bumper directly into the dirt near the base of the landing pad. Though the bumper was torn up and the headlights were both destroyed, Timerzyanov walked away.

Photo credit: Brian Johnson (@rallybri)

Luckily, so did David Binks, after an even larger shunt over the jump in the same practice session. According to Greg Frechette, a mechanic for the currently-inactive Gumball STi team, Binks took the jump too slow, leading to his major accident. Brian Johnson, best known as a co-driver in Rally America, added that Binks got out of the car under his own power and was released from the hospital last night, but that the car is no longer fit to race.

Binks has tweeted that he’s a little sore, but also that he remains optimistic about getting back on track:

Action will continue on track today with the seeding session, and according to the series’ schedule of events, heats 1A-D, returning the series to the two-heat formula it used at Charlotte to open the season.

– Chris Leone



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