Brian Deegan: Role Model

Hailie, Brian, and Marissa Deegan. Image via Sarah Hall Productions

When we spoke to Brian Deegan about the season finale of this year’s Global Rallycross Championship on Thursday morning, it was about 8:30 AM in Southern California, earlier than most drivers would do interviews. “I’m up at 5:30 every morning,” Deegan admitted. “I’ve got kids.”

Deegan married his wife, Marissa, in 2003; daughter Hailie, 11, and sons Haiden (aka “Danger Boy”), 6, and Hudson, 2, complete the Deegan family. And while the world-famous General of the Metal Mulisha remains one of extreme sports’ greatest competitors whether he’s on two wheels or four, Deegan admits that fatherhood has influenced the way he approaches life off the track.

Haiden “Danger Boy” Deegan. Photo credit: Shane Ruiz/Image via Sarah Hall Productions

“It wasn’t too long ago that I remember being the kid that looked up to certain guys, and I kind of idolized every move that they made,” he said. “It kind of really hit home—once you have kids, you realize what a role model you are to the public and to kids, and how they watch everything you do.”

Both Hailie and Haiden have been competing themselves lately, and following in the footsteps of their famous father by running up front.

“My son’s the next generation, he’s growing up around it,” Deegan said. “And Hailie just won her first little kart race the other day. I enjoy it! I think it’s fun going out there and teaching the kids, watching them succeed. That’s definitely my future.”

Hailie “Dirt Princess” Deegan. Image via Sarah Hall Productions

Hailie currently ranks eighth in the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series Junior Kart 2 championship, the same sanctioning body under which Deegan races in Pro 2 trucks. She won her first race of the season at Las Vegas Motor Speedway last month, just a week before her father’s second-place run in the GRC event. Meanwhile, Haiden has taken to motocross, finishing second in the Perris Triple Crown MX Series last week.

But for Deegan, it’s not enough just to share his experiences with his three kids. Being able to share his story with a wider base of young fans is also a priority. When he first broke onto the extreme sports scene, a Nebraska transplant in Southern California, his goal was to push the envelope on all fronts, a motivation that frequently got him into trouble. More than once, his actions led him to stare death (or at least disapproval) in the face.

Image via Brian Deegan Facebook

Now, Deegan has matured into the responsible father, savvy businessman, and devout Christian that we see today. And teaching kids right and wrong through his story, all parts of it, is a major driving force in his life.

“My kids go to school down the road at a Christian school, and I go down there and speak to the kids,” Deegan said. “And I feel like I’ve been there in life. I’ve (had) so many crazy ups and downs and different roads. I’ve taken a lot of chances, I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and I’ve come back from them. So I feel like it was good to share that story with the kids, and say ‘I’ve stuck to this, I’ve chosen this direction,’ and hopefully it helps the kids make good decisions.

“I feel like that’s important. It’s easy for a lot of racers just to go to the racetrack and go home, and that’s it, but I think there’s so much more to it.”

– Chris Leone



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