Olsbergs MSE Unveils “Supercar Light” Model

Video capture via Olsbergs MSE

Global Rallycross Championship team Olsbergs MSE is the class of this year’s field, taking three of five race wins and fielding cars for the current top two drivers in the championship. Led by accomplished racer Andreas Eriksson, Olsbergs’ Ford Fiestas have been the most technically sound cars on track all season.

Now, the team plans to take its technical skills to a smaller specification, producing a new vehicle called the Supercar Light. This weekend, the team released the first video of the car in testing, with Eriksson himself shaking down the new car.

Unlike Formula Cross, Rhys Millen Racing’s new entry-level rallycross vehicle that is built from an ATV base, the Supercar Light appears at first glance simply to be a smaller version of the Fiestas that Olsbergs is known for campaigning so well. Not much other information is known about the vehicle specs, although a profile of Eriksson on suggests that the team will formally announce details during the GRC season finale.

It’s also unknown whether or not the Supercar Light will race in North America in 2013, though the car will comprise part of the Scandinavian Touring Car Championship next year. The STCC will add two classes of rallycross to its normal touring car fare, with Supercar Light comprising the second, lower class. Both classes may also compete in the Stockholm Motor Weekend at Tele2 Arena in November 2013 in conjunction with the existing Swedish Rallycross Championship.

– Chris Leone


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