Millen, Tracy, Tutt Test Formula Cross Car At Pikes Peak

Video capture via Formula Cross

As part of its inaugural newsletter released yesterday, the folks at Rhys Millen Racing have released the video of off-road racers Rod Millen, Greg Tracy, and Steve Tutt shaking down the Formula Cross prototype before competing in this year’s Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

Multiple cameras show the YFC450 taking various dirt corners at speed, as well as in-car shots of different drivers handling the car. At one point, picture-in-picture shows what it’s like behind the wheel as the vehicle handles a series of corners. At the end, Tracy laughs about the experience, joking that he “wasn’t sure about wearing a white T-shirt.”

The test was somewhat of a good luck charm for both Tracy and Tutt, both of whom posted exceptional runs at PPIHC. Tutt took his fourth career Quad class win, this time in the Modified class, with a time of 11:40.521. Meanwhile, Tracy finished second in the 1205cc motorcycle class, but was one of only four people to crack the 10 minute barrier, posting a time of 9:58.262. As for proprietor Rhys Millen, he set a world record in his Time Attack Hyundai Genesis, reaching the summit in 9:46.164.

– Chris Leone



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