GRC Insider: “Drop” Event Factor Shakes Up Standings

Photo via Ford Racing Facebook

Brian Deegan may be 13 points out of the Global Rallycross Championship lead, but he likes to talk about his saving grace in the championship race: being able to drop an event at the end of the season.

Deegan and other drivers have told US Race Report that the GRC will only factor a driver’s top five finishes on the six-race schedule into the standings at the end of the season. This rule isn’t unheard of in top-tier rallycross; in fact, in the European Rallycross Championship, only a driver’s top four finishes (out of five) in each half of the season count towards the championship. The French, British, and Finnish championships allow drivers to drop their worst finishes as well.

For the Metal Mulisha founder, his “drop” event at this point would be the very first round of the season at Charlotte, where mechanical issues dropped him out of the running for the final and sent him home with a mere two points, not the kind of start that the defending X Games Rallycross gold medalist wanted.

Three races later, Deegan is up to third in the standings on the strength of three podium finishes, behind only teammate Tanner Foust and Scott-Eklund Racing’s Samuel Hubinette. The drop closes the title gap from 12 points to four between first and second place, but who else benefits most from the rule?

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish

If each driver drops one race from their current results, here are the top 17 drivers in series standings:

  1. Tanner Foust, 51 points (drop: X Games, 11 points)
  2. Brian Deegan, 47 (drop: Charlotte, 2)
  3. Marcus Gronholm, 43 (drop: New Hampshire, DNP)
  4. Samuel Hubinette, 41 (drop: X Games, 9)
  5. Ken Block, 38 (drop: Charlotte, 2)
  6. Rhys Millen, 37 (drop: New Hampshire, DNP)
  7. Stephan Verdier, 34 (drop: X Games, 5)
  8. Travis Pastrana, 33 (drop: X Games, 1)
  9. David Binks, 33 (drop: New Hampshire, 9)
  10. Andy Scott, 32 (drop: X Games, 6)
  11. Liam Doran, 27 (drop: Charlotte, DNP)
  12. Sebastien Loeb, 21 (drop: Charlotte, DNP)
  13. Sverre Isachsen, 20 (drop: New Hampshire, 4)
  14. Dave Mirra, 20 (drop: X Games, 2)
  15. Bucky Lasek, 16 (drop: Texas, 3)
  16. Pat Moro, 12 (drop: X Games, DNP)
  17. Toomas Heikkinen, 8 (drop: X Games, DNP)

Image via Scott-Eklund Racing

Compare that to the current standings without the drop:

  1. Tanner Foust, 62 points
  2. Samuel Hubinette, 50
  3. Brian Deegan, 49
  4. Marcus Gronholm, 43
  5. David Binks, 42
  6. Ken Block, 40
  7. Stephan Verdier, 39
  8. Andy Scott, 38
  9. Rhys Millen, 37
  10. Travis Pastrana, 34
  11. Liam Doran, 27
  12. Sverre Isachsen, 24
  13. Dave Mirra, 22
  14. Sebastien Loeb, 21
  15. Bucky Lasek, 19
  16. Pat Moro, 12
  17. Toomas Heikkinen, 8

Undoubtedly, Deegan benefits the most from the drop, as he can make a go of challenging Foust for the title. Gronholm is still within eight points of the lead despite missing two races due to injury, although his continued absence at Las Vegas means that won’t last for long. Meanwhile, Hubinette actually makes up two points on Foust despite losing two spots in the standings.

Image via Ford Racing Facebook

But it’s the middle of the standings where things start to really shake up. Ken Block moves into the top five in points, while Rhys Millen jumps three spots to sixth because his drop race, New Hampshire, was one that he skipped. Meanwhile, David Binks suffers most in the shuffle, falling from fifth to a tie for eighth, as all four of his races have been relatively similar in results. Travis Pastrana moves up to tie Binks for eighth with 33 points, still a way off from championship contention but within striking distance of the top five.

Of course, the most striking feature of the dropped race calculations is how many competitors had their worst races at X Games; five of the top 10 would throw out their Los Angeles scores under the system. Of the remaining five, two drivers drop scores from events that they skipped.

– Chris Leone



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