David Binks on Olsbergs: “We’ve Got A Hell Of A Strong Team”

Image via Ford Racing Facebook

Olsbergs MSE will return to a five-car lineup in this weekend’s Global Rallycross Championship event at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, after only competing with three drivers in each of the past two rounds. So far, the Swedish-prepared Ford Fiestas hold four of the top five spots in points, with Tanner Foust leading the way and Brian Deegan, Marcus Gronholm, and David Binks ranking third through fifth.

“We’ve got a hell of a strong team,” Binks told us in an interview over the weekend. “We’ve all got great cars, and each car is identical bar driver setup. And they’re all great drivers. We’ve got Topi (Heikkinen) coming back this week, and it’s great to see him come back after X Games. I’m looking forward to catching up with him, and hopefully he has a good run. Marcus is coming to watch at Vegas as well.

“As the team is, we’re all Ford cars, but we’re five individual teams as well, and me and Marcus obviously (are) Best Buy Racing. Marcus has helped me a lot this year, where he can, but when it comes to the racing every driver’s different, every driver’s got a different setup on the car.”

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish

Binks admits that the difference between him and the three teammates ahead of him can be explained by two things: conservative car setups and less professional experience. “I run my car probably less aggressive than the others—in the setup stance, I prefer more smooth cars that I can rustle about myself. That often isn’t the quickest on the tracks we’ve been driving, and I need more time in the car to be able to make the car better.

“For my first season as a rookie at any level like this, for me it’s the first time, and the more time I can spend in a car and learn the setups and difference in setups, hopefully I can find those tenths of a second I’m short to make it up with Tanner, Deegan, and Marcus.”

As has been well documented, Gronholm won’t be taking part in this weekend’s event, yielding the other Best Buy-backed car to team manager Andreas Eriksson, an accomplished racer himself. For Binks, the opportunity to race alongside the builder of his always-competitive Fiesta is one that he especially looks forward to.

Photo via Ford Racing Facebook

“As long as I don’t hit him, and he doesn’t hit me, we’ll be fine!” Binks laughed. “Andreas is a great guy, a hell of a racing driver, and really quick. I’ve watched him like I’ve watched Marcus for a lot of years, and that guy is one hell of a pilot in a car. I think he’ll be one to watch out for, no doubt about it. He knows that car better than anybody—he developed it, he’s raced it, and hopefully he’ll be able to give me and other drivers some feedback on how to get the car to go quicker.

“He’s out there to race for Best Buy, which is great, but he’s out there to make sure our cars go well as well. He hasn’t been out competitively this year in a car, but I’m sure after a few laps he’ll definitely be on the pace.”

– Chris Leone


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