GRC Mid-Season Review: Sverre Isachsen

Image via Subaru Puma Rallycross Team

No. 11 Puma Subaru Impreza, Subaru Puma Rallycross Team

STANDINGS: 12th, 24 points; one heat win

POSITIVES: Isachsen’s kamikaze move from the worst seeding position in his heat at X Games paid off, as he beat Brian Deegan into the tight first corner and held off the defending rallycross gold medalist for the heat win. It was the kind of driving that many expected from Isachsen, the three-time defending European champion.

NEGATIVES: Bad luck has ruined any chance at Isachsen claiming a GRC title in his debut season across the point. His car quit on him in the last chance qualifier at Charlotte, he was the first driver eliminated in the finals at both Texas and X Games, and a wreck at the start of his heat at New Hampshire effectively ended that round for him.

OUTLOOK: It’s a good thing that Isachsen appears to be having a lot of fun racing in America, because his string of horrendous luck is enough to bring most drivers’ attitudes to a breaking point. However, everyone knows how talented Isachsen is from his numerous European accolades, and nobody is writing him off for the final two races. As long as the car stays in one piece, there’s a good chance that Subaru’s most experienced rallycross driver scores a podium finish in September.

– Chris Leone


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