GRC Mid-Season Review: Rhys Millen

Image via Rhys Millen Racing

No. 67 Hyundai/Red Bull Hyundai Veloster, Rhys Millen Racing

STANDINGS: 9th, 37 points

POSITIVES: Through three rounds, Millen’s consistency had him third in points, after he made it to all three finals and scored a pair of fourth place finishes at Texas and X Games. Millen upgraded his engine from last year’s package and is reportedly very happy with the added power.

NEGATIVES: Unfortunately, just like last year, Millen has been unable to crack the podium in a GRC event. He also skipped the New Hampshire round while preparing to launch his new Formula Cross car, ending any hopes at an underdog run to the championship when six drivers passed him in the standings.

OUTLOOK: Despite the upgrades to his Hyundai, a stronger field means that Millen has effectively made a lateral move in terms of his competitiveness. In this case, “lateral move” still means finals appearances and top five finishes, but that isn’t going to cut it if Millen wants to beat some of the Fords. It’s going to take a little luck for the owner-driver to make it onto the podium in one of the final two races.

– Chris Leone


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