Millen Organizing New Rallycross Feeder Series

Image via Formula Cross Facebook

Global Rallycross Championship competitor Rhys Millen has been a major force in many forms of motorsports for years. Next year, he’ll take his commitments to the next level, as purveyor of a new rallycross development series named Formula Cross.

Millen, who ranked third in GRC points through X Games, formally announced the series’ launch on July 19, and more details on the specifications of the vehicle have leaked over the past few days.

The cars are built from ATVs, with a Yamaha YZF 450 Raptor becoming the first donor vehicle. Future models will be based on Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki ATVs, among others. The 450cc engine model will be followed by a 700cc model in the near future. The transformed vehicle weighs just under 500 pounds and fits in the back of a truck bed.

According to Rhys Millen Racing’s A.J. Grasso, preorders will cost under $10,000, and will begin to ship in November. His email address, as well as more photos and promotional videos, are on the series’ Facebook page.

Image via Formula Cross Facebook

Millen has been testing the new vehicle himself across the western United States, shaking down the initial model in preparation for the launch of the series next year. Though details remain scarce, the car has made appearances at such venues as DirtFish Rally School and Evergreen Speedway in Washington, Adams Motorsports Park in California, and will show up at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb in Colorado.

But even when race events aren’t taking place, one of the advantages of the new vehicle is that it doesn’t require track time to run. Unlike go-karts and other development vehicles, owners can take the new vehicle off road for more time behind the wheel. It also boasts safety upgrades foreign to go-karts, including a tubular chassis and roll cage to protect the driver.

More details about the car, and series, should come to light in the next few months. Until then, RMR will continue to focus on developing their new creation, while Millen will continue to compete in GRC and Formula Drift events.

– Chris Leone



  1. I just ordered 2….. Cant wait

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