#NHMSGRC Post-Race Comments: Travis Pastrana

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish

Travis Pastrana’s first win of this Global Rallycross Championship season came at New Hampshire Motor Speedway in tonight’s race. After winning his heat to score the pole position in the final, he beat Samuel Hubinette to the line by 1.431 seconds. Here are Pastrana’s exclusive post-race comments:

On the reasons behind improved performance: “Testing. We finally got time in the car. It was actually before X Games. We qualified second at X Games and put ourselves inside pole. We were really excited—we weren’t really aggressive the first couple of rounds. I was like ‘I’ll give everyone room in the first turn, we’ll do it that way,’ and this race we were aggressive. We didn’t take anyone out, but we definitely banged around more than I usually do. I’ve had a reputation for being aggressive there, but you know what? I’m going to go out there, be good, be as clean as I can and earn the respect of these guys, but I said you know what? We gotta win. It’s cool because everyone’s good, everyone finished, had a good run. So we were more aggressive, we had more testing, I believe we had if not the fastest, a car that could win X Games, and obviously a car that could win here.”

On contact with Tanner Foust on the crossover bridge: “Tanner actually stalled it. I kind of got into the back of him, and I gave him just a little bit. I hit him pretty hard, gave him a second, and then when he didn’t go I was like ‘I’m going, I’m not waiting there longer!’ And honestly, that’s what rally’s about. Rally is always about aggression. The first round we ran third and got put into the wall so hard it destroyed our car, and then the same thing for round three at X Games. And then at Texas we overjumped the jump and broke the car in half. So we had three races and three completely destroyed cars. So to come out of here with the car in one piece and the win, I just really wanna thank the guys, because they’ve put in so much work. You can only tell the guys after working 20-hour (days) so many times, ‘hey, guys, it’s worth it, we’re going to do well, it’s gonna be worth it,’ and then you do that. And months have gone by. But honestly, for our fourth race ever in this car, to have a win on this platform? I think it’s got a lot to improve on still but it’s really something to be reckoned with in the future.”

On his prospects for the rest of the season: “(It’s going to take) a lot of luck. After our second and third rounds there was just really no way that we were going to be in the hunt for the championship, but if I win the next two that will be a successful year for us. I think honestly just winning a race in the first year with the new platform, new team, new everything, is very successful. So I definitely want to thank everyone at Dodge, everyone at Red Bull, Discount Tire, and KMC for backing me. Because we keep promising these guys good finishes, and they keep coming to the races and being disappointed. So it’s been a long road.”

– Chris Leone



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