#NHMSGRC Post-Race Comments: Samuel Hubinette

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish

Scott-Eklund Racing’s Samuel Hubinette finished second in today’s Global Rallycross Championship race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, scoring his first podium of the season. Hubinette finished second to Travis Pastrana in both his heat race and the final after a pair of dicey battles, but now ranks second in series points, 12 behind leader Tanner Foust. Here are Hubinette’s exclusive post-race comments:

On today’s final: “Today it was about staying clean, out of too much tight racing. So I chose to do the joker lap in the first lap, because I saw Tanner, Deegan, and Travis go up in the second corner into the dirt together. There was going to be some carnage there, some battling, and they were going to lose momentum. So I chose the joker, then I got behind Mirra, and I was (thinking) ‘oh, crap,’ because he’s been slower today. And luckily enough he tracked out passing through the jump, so I could keep my momentum and pass him and not lose much there. Then I stayed focused on my own race until I caught up with Tanner and David Binks there in the horseshoe oval. So I took them inside and just kind of drifted through them, got next to Tanner, and we battled the whole straightaway. I let him go into the chicane as he hadn’t done the joker yet, though we were at the same distance. So I decided let’s not battle too much with him, because he’s going to have to do the joker and then I’ll be passing him and I’ll be home free. At that time I wasn’t sure where Deegan or any of the other guys were, so when I came around I saw just Travis and was like bingo! I’ll take a silver medal without risking anything. And I was too far from Travis to give him a fight. He had a clean run and did a great job. I’m very stoked about Eneos Motor Oil coming on board, Scott-Eklund Racing has done a fantastic job in prepping the car for me. It’s all about the team effort, and they gave me a very, very competitive car today. I want to thank Magnaflow, Denso, Mothers Polish, and Sparco for supporting me in this effort this year, so I’m very, very happy.”

On challenging Tanner Foust for the championship: “I didn’t know I was second in points, that sounds fantastic. As I’ve said before, I don’t think too much about the end result of the season—you take one event at a time. It’s kind of a gamble because anything happen. You can get taken out, like at X Games when I got taken out by Ken Block, and got DQ’d there because I got a flat tire. You just hope that the other guys are not gonna run into you and destroy your car, be clean and try to be smart with the joker and plan it right. There are a lot of top drivers here, they’re fantastic, talented guys, so you’ve got to nail it for sure to be on the podium here. So I hope I can fight for, possibly the championship if that’s the case.”

– Chris Leone



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