#NHMSGRC Post-Race Comments: Brian Deegan

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish

Brian Deegan scored his third consecutive third place finish in tonight’s Global Rallycross Championship race at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, elevating him to third in points behind Olsbergs MSE teammate Tanner Foust and Samuel Hubinette. Here are Deegan’s exclusive post-race comments:

On staying consistent in the championship: “I race a lot, I race almost every weekend, and I feel like it’s just for me another race. I go out there and do the best I can. I’m still learning the cars, I haven’t really driven rally that much, so I still have a lot to learn about car setup. At the next race in Fontana, my hometown, if they can make it (with) a lot of dirt it’ll be to my advantage. And I’ve got to win one of these. Last year I won at X Games, and this year second and third, I’ve got to win something, gotta represent, and maybe in the end, who knows? Maybe (I’ll) win a championship and chalk it up on my resume.”

On keeping out of trouble: “I think I just play it smart. A lot of guys lose their head. I’m willing to take a second or third and finish (rather) than all or nothing, win or crash. That’s not something I think about, it’s just something that naturally comes. When I’m driving, I’m like ‘well, let’s just back off a little and go around here.’ I don’t just banzai, shut my brain off, I drive, try to be smart when I drive. I read a lot of books, I study it, so it’s something where I have to be smart when I drive.”

– Chris Leone



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