#NHMSGRC Pre-Race Interview: David Binks

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish

David Binks is one of only a select few drivers to have made it to every Global Rallycross Championship final of the 2012 season. Here at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, he will drive a newly-decorated #17 eBay Motors Ford for Olsbergs MSE while trying to make it four in a row. Binks will attempt to do so from third place in his heat, where he will take on teammate Tanner Foust, Stephan Verdier, and Sverre Isachsen, but before the race he answered a few questions:

On whether or not the four car heat will be easier than the five car heats: “Obviously, you’ve got Tanner out there, who’s very quick. And you’ve got Sverre, who’s very quick at starting, and so is Verdier. So yes, there’s only four cars, but they’re all good drivers, good cars, and I think it’ll be a tough heat anyway. At the end of the day, with the sport and only getting one qualifying heat at the minute, we’ve got to make that count, and really there’s nothing else to go for than the win or second place to get directly into the A final. So that’s what our aim is today.”

On racing against teammates for the win: “At the end of the day, the Ford team is a group, but we’re also individual teams within a Ford team. So yes, I would like win, but I’m not going to take out another driver to do that. I wouldn’t take out any other driver, never mind my teammate. But we’ll both push hard and see where we get to, but hopefully first or second.”

On the safety improvements to the mega ramp: “The jump’s the jump. This year’s the first time I’ve had to do jumps in a car. The padding’s there, it’s going to protect the person a little bit, (but) it’s still going to damage the car severely and beyond repair probably. At the end of the day, the jump’s there, and you sort of take it out of your mind. It’s part of the track and part of the race. We don’t really think about it much other than if you’ve got your speed right when you take off, and you’ve still got to push to win. It does affect the race a little bit because you’ve got to make sure you’ve got your speed right. It’s not like you’ve got two cars battling into a corner, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got your speed right for your jump. It’s getting better, NHMS and SMI have put a lot of time, effort, and work into making the tracks better and better every time we come out. So I’m really pleased that they’re doing that, and as the year’s going on the tracks are getting more exciting and safer, so it’s really good.”

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish

On the toughest areas of the track: “We’ve got the jump, which doesn’t come in until the second lap. And that was going to be a big issue, ten cars getting through the chicane, the last car would be going too slow to take the jump. So we bypass the jump on the first lap, and that’s been a big help. I would say the crossover on the pit wall is going to be quite dicey. We saw two cars—one nearly went off yesterday, one did go off. It’s obviously a one car part, (hopefully) the drivers are respectful of it and don’t try to help people around it and spoil the racing. But there are some good overtaking opportunities, into the dirt, after the jump, coming out of the dirt and through onto the tabletop is two cars wide. There could be cars jumping past each other, I think. And the braking points. It’s probably the most technical track, and I think probably also the best one for overtaking, so hopefully you’ll see some good racing.”

On improving his finishes in the main event: “You might just jinx me for the day! (laughs) We’ve directly qualified (in) every race this year. (I’m) really disappointed in X Games, we got helped out of X Games final, to be honest, by another car, which was quite upsetting because if everything had just fallen into place we would’ve definitely medalled in bronze, and there was a good chance that we could’ve chased Ken (Block) down with his puncture and got silver. So that was a really disappointing weekend for me. I’ll just keep trying hard, I am a rookie this year, it’s my first time as a professional driver. I just (have) fingers crossed that very shortly or definitely by the end of the year, I would like to put the car on the podium.”

– Chris Leone



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