#NHMSGRC Pre-Race Interview: Andy Scott

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish

After making it to the first two main events of the Global Rallycross Championship season, Andy Scott couldn’t advance through his last chance qualifier at X Games. He’ll attempt to return to the final at New Hampshire Motor Speedway, but in doing so will need to overcome the 13th seed and outside lane in his heat. Scott answered a few questions from the GRC paddock before tonight’s event:

On breaking a wheel in qualifying: “It happened in the first passover on the gap jump. We’d come up just slightly short, and the right rear wheel impacted the front face of the landing ramp. It collapsed the rear, but apart from that there was just a bit of minor damage on the suspension. So the car was easily fixed.”

On getting a good start before the chicane in a five car heat: “It’s going to be very tight. Obviously the other four cars in the heat have got the same plan (as me), and that’s to arrive at the chicane first. Saab has a good reputation for being quick off the start, so I’m pretty confident that we can outdrag them there. Hopefully we can all get through the chicane clean and out the other side, and then the race will be on. We also the option of when to take the joker lap and putting that into play, depending on where we come out of that chicane is when I’ll choose to do the joker. If I pull the start then I’ll take the main route, and if we’re too far back we’ll take the joker.”

Photo credit: Matthew Kalish

On multiple cars taking the crossover bridge: “I think the problem is that the dirt of the track is carried on the inside of the wheels. And when they get into the crossover there, I think the impact of hitting the crossover ramp is shaking the dirt off the wheels. So initially you think it’s going to be a very clean surface, but in fact it’s covered in dirt and it’s very slippery. I’ve not spoken to either of the drivers, but I imagine what caught them out was there just wasn’t the traction there, the grip level when they arrived at the corner with the dirt carried from (that section). I don’t know that anybody’s ever going to pass you around there, you just have to stop up the cars behind you, take that corner, and the most important thing is to get around it.”

On improvements made in driver safety: “I think, first and foremost, it’s good that we have recognized two spokespeople, being Tanner (Foust) and Ken (Block). Which is great, because I think the drivers can meet at driver level, we can discuss the various issues, and we go forward as a united voice to the promoters and organizers. And the meetings we’ve had this weekend, we’ve prioritized things that concern us. There’s been a good reaction to that, they’ve reacted to the safety issue and concern in the jump, and I’m sure that now we’ve got that line of communication built up it’s going to be beneficial for drivers, promoters, and fans.”

– Chris Leone


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