X Games Checkpoint: Per Eklund

Image via Scott-Eklund Racing

The Global Rallycross Championship is mostly dominated by factory-backed teams running compact cars. But behind the expertise of Swedish rallycross legend Per Eklund, Scott-Eklund Racing has managed to carve out its own niche in the series.

“I am happy with the speed,” Eklund says, after drivers Samuel Hubinette and Andy Scott secured invitations to this weekend’s X Games. But he still admits that, despite making both main events this season with both cars, the final of the Hoon Kaboom at Texas Motor Speedway was a major disappointment.

“We had bad luck when (Hubinette’s) car broke with two laps to go. And Andy Scott broke his steering arm on the jump and he went straight in the barrier. And he was behind Hubinette there, which should have been two very good results.”

The addition of the 70-foot gap jump at Texas greatly altered the composition of the event compared to Charlotte, and caused problems for much of the field. In fact, Eklund says, Travis Pastrana’s incident in Friday practice added another obstacle for everybody, as the series had to alter the angle to make it easier on the cars.

“The problem was when we stopped the jump in free practice. We had the jump, and several drivers tried it, and (Andy) had a heavy landing. And after that Pastrana tried it, and he flew over the jump and crashed the car completely. We stopped there. We changed the jump, we kept it on but it was a little bit small so you do not need to fly so high.

“It was the first time we used this jump. They made it in California and (brought) it out there to Texas. And it was hard on the car. It destroyed a lot of cars. I think that we have the same jump at X Games. I understand that it is going to be the same construction in all races now. It may be (transported) in pieces, but they put it together (at the track).

Image via Scott-Eklund Racing

“We had to change the car. We know it’s going to be tough. We made the suspension much harder and lifted the car, but we still didn’t know that Andy’s car was jumping too hard. Hubinette’s car was a little bit better on the jump, it had different suspension on it.”

Eklund notes that the damage to the two cars, as well as the lengthy drive from the team’s Florida shop to Los Angeles, have kept the team very busy over the past two weeks.

“We have worked day and night, we’ve been working every day, we are staying at the workshop and we are still there. It’s a very long way from the base we have here in Florida. And we hope to leave on Sunday. (Texas) was very tough on the transmission. We needed to repair everything. The hardest for the car is the transmission when you have this jump. And everybody has problems there.

“We’ve changed up even for X Games. We hope we have done the correct things, so we’ll see.”

– Chris Leone



  1. It’s probably more the landing than the jump that jacks up the transmission….

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