GRC Insider: Understanding The Points System

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When ESPN posted the Global Rallycross Championship points standings after last night’s Hoon Kaboom at Texas, we saw that Marcus Gronholm was leading the standings with 42 points over Tanner Foust’s 36 and Stephan Verdier’s 26. But one of the things that ESPN didn’t explain, either at Texas or during the season-opening round at Charlotte, was how the points system actually works. It’s pretty simple:

  • To start, winning a heat race gives a driver one point. Last chance qualifier winners do not get a bonus point for winning LCQs.
  • The top 16 drivers in the final order score points for their finishes. That includes the 10 drivers who make it to the final and the top six drivers who fail to advance from the last chance qualifier.
  • For the most part, the points decrease in increments of one, but podium finishers in the final get extra points. The winner gets 20 points, second place scores 17, and third place scores 15.
  • From there, the next 13 finishers score points. Fourth place scores 13, fifth place scores 12, and so on down the line until 16th place, which scores a single point.

Strangely, many of the season points totals listed on ESPN differ from this explanation. For example, Gronholm scored 22 points at Charlotte, by virtue of a final win and two heat wins. ESPN listed Gronholm as having 42 points, but he also scored a heat win, meaning he should have had 43. Deegan was also listed with 20 points; he scored two at Charlotte by finishing 16th and winning one heat, and 16 at Texas by finishing third and winning another heat, which should add up to 18. The Discount Tire/America’s Tire Cup standings, however, were properly tabulated.

Another question is whether or not drivers who failed to finish the last chance qualifiers got points; the reason why Pastrana was listed 12th in points is because he didn’t receive the two points he should get for ranking 15th overall at Texas. Pastrana’s teammate at Pastrana199 Racing, Felipe Albuquerque, was ranked 16th overall at Texas, but was not listed in the series points standings. Meanwhile, Bucky Lasek, who pulled off course in one of the two qualifiers, still received his four points, putting him in a tie with Pastrana for 12th in the series standings.

According to the rules listed above, and assuming that all drivers who failed to finish the last chance qualifier receive points, here are the Global Rallycross Championship standings through two rounds:

  1. #3 Marcus Gronholm, Olsbergs MSE Ford, 43 points
  2. #34 Tanner Foust, Olsbergs MSE Ford, 37
  3. #12 Stephan Verdier, Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai, 26
  4. #67 Rhys Millen, Rhys Millen Racing Hyundai, 24 (tie)
  5. #77 Samuel Hubinette, Scott-Eklund Racing Saab, 24 (tie)
  6. #17 David Binks, Olsbergs MSE Ford, 22
  7. #26 Andy Scott, Scott-Eklund Racing Saab, 21
  8. #38 Brian Deegan, Olsbergs MSE Ford, 18
  9. #40 Dave Mirra, Puma Rallycross Team Subaru, 13
  10. #11 Sverre Isachsen, Puma Rallycross Team Subaru, 12 (tie)
  11. #199 Travis Pastrana, Pastrana199 Racing Dodge, 12 (tie)
  12. #43 Ken Block, Monster World Rally Team, 11
  13. #81 Bucky Lasek, Puma Rallycross Team Subaru, 10
  14. #57 Toomas Heikkinen, Olsbergs MSE Ford, 8
  15. #33 Liam Doran, Monster Energy Rallycross Team Citroen, 6 (tie)
  16. #59 Pat Moro, PMR Motorsports Subaru, 6 (tie)
  17. #47 Tim Rooney, PMR Motorsports Subaru, 4
  18. #99 Felipe Albuquerque, Pastrana199 Racing Dodge, 1
  19. #41 Richard Burton, Gumball STI Subaru, 0
  20. #418 Jimmy Keeney, Michael Crawford Motorsports Subaru, 0

– Chris Leone



  1. I like the Rallycross point system, Chris–it has some similarities to an idea I had for improving the NASCAR point system. I especially like how it rewards winning significantly and also qualifying (or heat race wins).

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